Welcome New Residents


New to the neighborhood? AURA would like to welcome you to Ukiran! If you don’t know yet, we have established our very own Residents association which is a registered entity under the registrar of societies in 2013.

You can find out more about the committee HERE and each street is represented by a street rep who will be your liaison with the committee.

To get things rolling, please get in touch with your Street reps to get your hands on the Ukiran Car Stickers and to find out everything you need to know about the residents association. You can also download circulars from 2013 (which is available on the right navigation) which should get you up to speed as well.

You can contact us via the online form which is on the right navigation.

Congratulations on your new home and welcome to the neighborhood!

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Alam Impian Kindergarten


There will be a kindergarten that will be built along the same location as the Alam Impian Community Hall. This should be great news for parents who are looking for a kindergarten closer to home.

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Alam Impian Community Hall


Update on development in Alam Impian. A Community Hall has been confirmed to be built which should be completed by 21st of July 2014. Another piece of great news for Alam Impian Residence

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Alam Impian Police Station


This is good news for Alam Impian as a whole. There will be a Alam Impian Community Police station that will be opening at the shop lots (Near 99 Speedmart). No information of when this will be opening but you will be first to know when the station is operational.

Great news for Ukiran & Alam Impian residence!

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